Laser Hair Removal

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Our amazing Cynosure Elite laser hair removal machine is the fastest way to sexy and smooth, hairless skin. There are many places we just don’t want hair! Our face, legs, arms, back, chest and many other places in our body. Allura Skin and Laser Centre in Port Credit, Mississauga provides professional services and  solutions.

They will meet and exceed your skin needs and your hairless body desires. No matter what your complexion or skin type is, we have a laser hair removal treatment that will work for you. Plus, our laser hair removal service is safe and works for all skin types.

What is Laser Hair Removal, Does it Work and How it Works

Cynosure Elite laser hair removal works by targeting hair follicles, which absorb the laser’s energy and die instantly meaning it safely gets rid of unwanted hair while remaining totally pain free. This process causes follicles to shrink and stop making hair. Some follicles start making hair but produce fewer and thinner hair, that is why there is a need for more than one treatment to make you hair free forever.

We are proud to offer the Cynosure Apogee Elite platform – a medical grade laser technology. And in our opinion of the best lasers for cosmetic hair removal.

These lasers are of the highest quality and have the ability to be adjusted in terms of frequency and intensity to match your skin and hair type needs.

By adjusting the frequency of the laser, we are able to ensure safer and faster unwanted hair removal for clients who desire to get smoother, faster!

What Areas Respond Best to Treatment?

Laser hair removal is excellent for almost any part of the body with unwanted hair: Face, Neck, Chest, Back, Arms, Under arms, Bikini, and Legs.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on the thickness, coarseness, and colour of your hair, you may require 6 to 8 treatments.

Call or visit our Mississauga laser removal centre today and see how our FDA approved treatments  will work for you!

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