Laser Hair Restoration

How Does Laser Hair Restoration Works?

At our Mississauga laser clinic we use a Sunetics laser hair restoration unit that contains low-level laser energy diodes. The machine is designed to deliver low-level laser therapy to the entire scalp. Each laser is angled to spread out the beam of light it emits in order to create a laser energy field.

This laser energy field fully covers the entire scalp, penetrating through the hair and skin and into the hair follicles. One added benefit of dispersing each laser beam is greater safety; when laser beams are spread out, they become less dangerous to sensitive body parts such as the eyes.

Due to its beam dispersing technology, the Sunetics Clinical Laser Unit has the safest rating of all laser devices used in the hair restoration industry. whereas other low-level laser energy products provide treatment through concentrated, dime-sized laser spots.

The laser energy field created by the Sunetics Clinical Laser Hair Restoration Unit provides full, consistent coverage over the scalp giving its users a dramatic advantage.

The process involved during the treatments comes from the engineering of Low Level Laser energy diodes. These diodes are projected from a open panel hood design, which maximizes the coverage of the treatment to the scalp.

How Does Sunetics Laser Grow Hair?

First, by invigorating the hair follicles and increasing the length of the growth (Anagen) Phase.

Laser Hair Restoration machine’s Red spectrum laser light increases the amount of the natural body’s chemicals (coenzyme adenosine triphosphate known as ATP).

This co-enzyme fuels the cellular structures that make up the hair follicle and the papilla or matrix of the hair that produces keratin that eventually becomes the visible cortex or hair shaft.

Scientific studies show that increases in the amount of ATP causes the individual cells, and in this case, those within the hair follicle, to increase their activity and cell division rates. The increase of ATP to the follicle cells is vital as this co-enzyme is an “energy transporter”.

When more ATP becomes available to the follicle sites, the papilla’s production of keratin dramatically increases. As the new keratin cells die off, the papilla cells continue their production of keratin and the hair becomes longer.

This is known as the growth phase of the follicle. Typically, this cycle lasts anywhere from 2-6 years and can be effected by such things as genetics and poor blood flow.

Allura’s Sunetics Laser device’s Red spectrum laser light combats these factors and increases the growth Phase of the hair follicles.

Second, by helping to increase circulation to the scalp.

The energy from the Red spectrum laser light also helps to increase the blood flow and circulation in the scalp by reducing swelling caused by the build-up of waste products and dead cells. It also decreases the cell shrinkage caused by DHT (di-hydro-testosterone).

The increase in blood flow caused by the laser light encourages and expedites the removal of these harmful factors, which can lead to healthier, stronger hair follicles and helps to prevent the hair follicle from entering a prolonged or permanent rest phase (Telogen).

By increasing the blood flow in the scalp, the Allura’s Laser hair restoration device dramatically lengthen the growth Phase, shortens the time the follicle spends in the Catagen Phase and decreases the time the follicle needs to spend in the resting Phase. Over all, this causes hair to grow longer, stronger, thicker hair shafts while maintaining a healthy, vibrant and strong hair follicle.

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How Long Will the Laser Hair Restoration Treatment Take?

Each Sunetics Laser Hair Restoration treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes, Two to three times per week. The frequency of your sessions and the duration of your therapy program will depend on the treatment package which is recommended for you. Typically programs take any where from 3, to 12 months.

The clinical unit therapy sessions provide full scalp coverage for longer periods of time than other low-energy laser devices; therefore they produce more dramatic results over shorter periods of time.

How Long is Recovery Following the Laser Hair Restoration Program?

There is no recovery time needed following Allura’s non-surgical Laser hair restoration program. The high-fluence, low-level light therapy, the topical nutrient/minoxidil serum and the medicated nutrient shampoo have no down time associated with them.

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