Swedish Massage

What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage therapy is one of the most popular forms of massage therapy practiced in the Western world.

Refined over 300 years, This massage therapy involves precise massage strokes such as gliding, kneading, friction, stretching and (sometimes) tapping. These strokes take place over key trigger points on your body.

These movements increase oxygen and blood flow into the muscles, promoting muscle relaxation and easing the cramps.The soothing sounds of a gentle soundtrack as you blissfully lay beneath a soft sheet, cocooned in relaxing Scents and dim lighting.You find your nerves untangle and your worries slip away as we treat your back and shoulders.Swedish massage is also used as an integral part of pain management protocols for sports injuries and chronic pain.Sessions can target specific areas of pain like a sprained ankle, or they can be used to help manage the chronic pain that comes with conditions like arthritis.

How is Swedish Massage Performed?

Swedish massage is a great introductory massage for many reasons. It involves firm, yet gentle strokes.

You are placed on a flat elevated massage table with a cutout for your face. Beginning on your stomach, the massage therapist will begin long, firm brush-like strokes along your back and eventually over your shoulders, arms, then down to lower back and legs.

Halfway through the treatment you will be asked to turn over, for the massage of your upper shoulders, arms and front of your legs.

Massage therapists usually use either the flat palm or heel of their hand or a grouping of fingertips to deliver pressure to tight spots and also help loosen and lengthen muscles.

This massage specifically enhances circulation and blood flow to the large muscle groups.

It is one of the most popular forms of massage therapy practiced in the Western world.

What Areas Respond Best to Treatment?

Swedish massage can be used anywhere on the body:

Head, Neck, Arms, Shoulders, Hands, Chest, Back, Legs, and Feet.

The number of treatments is entirely up to the client. Many clients make it part of their weekly routine to come in for a relaxing massage and undo a week’s worth of stress! Visit our Mississauga massage clinic to learn more.

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